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Editable Text Birthday Cards

Editable text birthday cards are certain to impress your clients, employees and co-workers. These personalized birthday cards make a lasting impression with their colorful and elegant designs and the ability to feature your company name and information right on the front.

In addition to your company details, these front personalization birthday cards allow you to pick the type style, size and alignment of the text.  You can even include your tagline or motto and/or contact information, such as your phone number and website in an area where they can be immediately seen.  There are options to suit every style and taste.

Begin by choosing the design that best represents you or your company: corporate, traditional, colorful, playful, idyllic, or just plain fun.  Our birthday cards cover a wide array of styles and include rich, elegant foils and every color of the spectrum.

While selecting the font, color and size of your cover imprinting, you can preview online each selection you make.  Try different alignments and combinations until you have created the custom greeting cards that best reflect your personality.

In addition to the front personalization, you can still select your inside greeting, a personalized card imprint, and the imprint color.  You can also choose your envelope style and decide whether or not you’d like to have your return address printed.  And, you can decide if you wish to order and foil gel pens or decorative foil envelope seals to add that finishing touch.

When you send these unique editable text birthday cards to your employees, clients or co-workers, you are sure to impress and foster feelings of goodwill that will last the whole year.